No Deposit Bonus – What are no deposit bonuses and how to use them?

There are a number of perks and rewards exclusive to the online casino industry. And one of the most lucrative types is receiving bonuses simply by signing up at an online casino. These sorts of perks are known as no deposit bonuses and are one of the incentives that many players actively seek out. The reason as to why these offers are so popular is based on two facts. One being the most obvious, it’s free bonus money. The other fact is that no deposit bonuses can aid in increasing a limited bankroll. There are many advantages of a no deposit bonus and here is everything you need to know about this rewarding incentive exclusive to online casino gaming.

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What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

No Deposit Bonus Casino

Before you can fully benefit from the advantages of no deposit bonuses, you will need to understand what these casino rewards are. In essence, no deposit bonuses are exactly that, gifts from an online casino.

In most cases, when signing up at a casino, you are offered what is referred to as a welcome bonus. This bonus can take on many forms, including a no deposit casino bonus. It’s rare that these incentives are offered as a regular bonus, so for the sake of clarifying on what the trend is, we’ll focus on no deposit bonuses as a welcome offer. As mentioned before, a no deposit bonus is just that, a gift that allows you the freedom to play without the need of making a real money deposit.

So when you sign up with a new online casino and the incentive is a no deposit bonus, you can begin playing without needing to make a deposit to access the casino games. Most operators offer these rewards as a means to test drive their casino, so it’s sort of a win-win for both parties.

What Types Of No Deposit Bonuses Are There?

It’s a sad reality that many new players are unfamiliar with no deposit bonuses and as a result, lose out on some of the most phenomenal offers tailored by leading online casinos. But did you know that there are several types of no deposit casino bonuses with their own set of advantages? To shed some light on this, let’s take a look at the variants you may come across when signing up with a casino online.

Free Money

One of the most coveted no deposit bonuses comes in the form of free money. A free money bonus is exactly just that, free money offered by the casino on selected games. These credits are added to your bankroll and can be used on either selected game titles or all casino games. Naturally, no casino is the same, so the terms will differ from one operator to the next, but usually benefit players by boosting their bankroll.

Free Spins

Free SpinsAnother form of a no deposit bonus to look out for is free spins. It is a common practice for online casinos to incentivize potential players by offering free spins on popular slots games. This too is a form of free cash or no deposit bonus as the casino offers free spins, and in essence, free money. These offers can either be spread over a period of days or the casino can choose to issue all the free spins immediately. Again, the terms are stipulated by each individual casino brand.

Birthday Bonus

What better way to celebrate your birthday than to receive a tailored no deposit bonus offer from your favourite casino? These offers are usually aimed at players who are existing members of the casino. Upon signing up, you are required to divulge certain information to set up an account. And your date of birth is one of the criteria that are critical to creating an account for the casino to determine whether or not you are of age and therefore legally allowed to gamble online.

This information is then held in a database and back office system to notify the casino to reward you on an annual basis when your special day arrives. The casino will usually tailor a specific package to show appreciation and gift you a lucrative no deposit bonus offer. Of course, not all online casinos are the same and some may not even have an automated system to alert them of all their players’ birthdays. In this case, it’s a good idea to ask casino support staff if this is the case. Otherwise as an alternative means, receiving a “manually added” birthday bonus from the customer support team is also common.


Another bonus tailored mainly for existing members, is one that gives you a cashback incentive after a number of wagers have been placed. And there are two distinct cashback offers that you can take advantage of. For example, the casino can reward you with a percentage of the total wagered amount or they can issue you with a fixed bonus amount. While these types of bonuses are uncommon as a no deposit bonus, it makes more sense to the casino to offer it based on a percentage of your real money deposits.


Anyone that has ever played with a no deposit bonus can probably identify a few advantages, and for those who have yet to enjoy the benefits of these bonuses, here are a few “pros” to look forward to.

A Bankroll Boost: You can easily boost your bankroll without having to deposit too much or any money into your casino account. The casino directly deposits this on your behalf which has the potential to substantially increase the total.

Free Spins: By gaining access to free spins, you immediately have the advantage of unlocking more cash rewards without having to spend anything from your own bankroll.

Stress Free: What you choose to do with a no deposit bonus reward is completely up to you, given that the terms are followed, allowing for a less stressful gameplay experience. When a casino gifts players with free spins or free cash, they tend to enjoy the experience far more as they aren’t limited to restrictions on their gaming accounts. This is a far more “player-focused” gaming environment provided by the online casino.

Variety: No deposit bonuses are not limited to one offer. In fact, many casinos tailor their own offers which include a few no deposit offers. This results in variety and you can look forward to benefiting in more than one way.

Instant Rewards: You are granted access to these bonuses almost instantly, making it a very appealing offer and also one of the most sought out options known to the online casino industry.

Game Variety: There is a massive variety of online casino games on the market that you can choose according to your preference. With a no deposit bonus, you have the opportunity to test drive your favourite casino games or even new releases.


As with most things that are good, there’s usually a setback, and despite most of the features of no deposit bonuses being positive for players, there are a few drawbacks to take note of. Taking a look at what these may be may not affect all players, however, it’s always beneficial to take a look at the whole picture in order to be better prepared when choosing a reliable online casino offering these kinds of no deposit bonus deals.

Wagering Requirements: As mentioned above, many, if not all online casinos ask that you agree to their terms that govern how you use no deposit offers. And although you may not have to make an actual cash deposit to access these offers, you may be required to wager the winnings earned from the bonus a number of times before being allowed to withdraw the funds. While this may be a setback for some with smaller bankrolls, the casino uses this as a method to limit bonus abuse.

Withdrawal Limitations: In addition to wagering requirements, there are other limits to these offers. One of the limitations you may face is that the winnings are capped at a certain amount and you can only withdraw so much. The casino does this so as to reward you, but not to lose too much and go underwater. This is a common limitation to these kinds of bonuses, but the withdrawal limit varies from one casino to the next.

Time Constraints: It is always a good idea to read the terms of a no deposit bonus offer. And one of these terms that may pop up is that there is a time limit on the offer. As an example, the bonus may be rewarded for the use over a period of 3 deposits, or even 10 days, as the casino deems fit. In addition to this, you may also need to login on a daily basis in order to benefit fully from the bonus. All of these minor details are stipulated in the terms of the agreement and as such, you need to understand that there are constraints on some of these offers.

Game Selection: An online casino may choose which games the bonus is linked to; meaning that you may not be able to use the bonus offer on the games of your choice. However, some bonus offers are allowed to be used on any of the casino games, all depending on the operator of course.

Betting Restrictions: As there are wagering requirements, there may also be betting requirements that either go hand in hand with the above or run as independent rules. In this case, the casino will require you to place a maximum wager of ‘X’ amount in order to not forfeit the offer. This isn’t uncommon practice as the maximum bet amount is usually a small amount.

Country Limitations: In the event that you sign up with a casino that accepts your country as part of its “whitelist”, there may be a no deposit bonus tailored for your specific region, but not all of the countries may see this happen. These limitations are quite common, and although it may be disappointing, there may be other bonus offers to look forward to.

The Type of Games That Are Associated to No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses SlotOne of the most frequently asked questions regarding no deposit bonuses are what type of games the offer is associated with. This is mostly due to various gaming preferences and while slot enthusiasts may actively seek out no deposit bonus offers on slots games, table game players may prefer offers on blackjack or roulette, for example. Here is what to expect from the two way street that is a no deposit bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses on Specified Games

It’s a common occurrence when signing up with a no deposit bonus, that players are offered deals, free money, free spins and free gaming time on specified games. Most of which are appointed to slot games. No deposit bonuses on slots are usually in the form of a welcome offer which gives you free money in the form of a fixed bonus amount or as free spins on specified games. The casino also goes as far as publishing the name of the games or they will have the game titles linked to the offer in the terms and conditions.

On the other hand, there are also no deposit bonuses that are awarded to players based on specified casino table games. Though these aren’t as common as those linked to slot games, they aren’t altogether rare.

You may also come across some operators that stand apart from the rest and that take an innovative approach to no deposit bonuses by offering a combined deal on slots and table games.

No Deposit Bonuses Independent from Specified Games

This is every casino player’s dream, to have complete free reign on all, or at least most, of the casino games at their new gaming hotspot. Though a rare sight, these types of no deposit bonuses do indeed exist. In this case, the offer is deemed as free cash and as a result, you are given the go ahead to explore the casino using this money.

The no deposit bonus is not dependent on any of the games as you can decide where the bonus would best be spent. There may be wagering requirements regarding withdrawals of winnings, but this can be earned by playing the best game according to your knowledge.

How to Activate These Types of Bonuses

If no deposit bonuses sound appealing to you, the next step would be to find them. Upon finding deals that benefit you, the best course of action would be to claim them before they expire. As mentioned before, these bonus offers usually come with an expiration date. Before this can happen, it’s advisable to seize the bonus, especially if it is beneficial in the short run. To activate the bonus, you will need to follow the steps below, if applicable.

  • Sign up with the casino using the no deposit bonus code: This applies to online casinos that show the bonus code along with the offer on their site.
  • Follow the Prompts: Some online casinos encouragingly lead you to the registration process and prompt you to follow the necessary steps.
  • Follow Through: You are urged to read through the terms and conditions as the bonus may not be activated if any steps are missed.
  • Meet the Necessary Requirements: Ensure that all requirements are met. Wagering requirements, maximum betting amounts and withdrawal limitations, are only some of the rules that need to be taken into consideration in order to keep the bonus as valid.

What Are the Withdrawable Amounts?

This is a broad spectrum question as one online casino varies from the next. And casinos will stipulate what these withdrawal amounts are. Usually, operators cap withdrawals at a given amount when played with a no deposit bonus as the casino stands to lose a substantial amount to a number of lucky players who have all had the good fortune of claiming these generous offers.

Ultimately, it is up to you to check these amounts and to make sure that all the requirements have been met before laying claim to winnings earned.

Our Conclusion

Whether you are hunting for a good deal or searching for a new casino, no deposit bonuses are well worth looking out for. They are incredibly rewarding, have the ability to boost your bankroll and they grant you some extra gametime as there is an element of beauty to receiving something for free or as an incentive.

There’s no doubt that these kinds of bonuses are truly entertaining as you can explore the casino with no deposit needed. In addition to granting you more play time, you can use it to test out some of the casino’s games, apart from playing them in free mode. In conclusion, no deposit bonuses are indeed something to be enjoyed and are quite popular among online casino players around the world for good reason.

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Naturally, being as rewarding as any loyalty program, no deposit bonuses come in many shapes and forms. They are sought out by seasoned players, explored by novice players and enjoyed by all. As a result of its popularity, there are many questions regarding these casino rewards and the answers can be found right here. These are the top questions asked by many, and hopefully this will give you a better idea of what to expect when claiming or seeking out these innovative rewards.

✅Can I Play at a No Deposit Bonus Casino?

There are a number of developed, tried and tested no deposit casinos available to online players, and as a result, you are simply spoiled for choice these days. If the casino is licensed and regulated and allows players from your district or country access, then of course you can play at a no deposit bonus casino. Bear in mind that you would need to provide the casino with the correct information when signing up as you wouldn’t want to forfeit winnings due to a minor miscommunication. Something as not being in the right country in order to qualify for the winnings earned will only leave you disappointed when your sign up information fails to comply with the requirements of the casino.

✅Do I Need Any No Deposit Bonuses Codes?

The majority of online casinos allow players the freedom to navigate through the signup process without the necessity of bonus codes, however, for some operators, the codes are a requirement. So it really depends on which brand you’re looking to play at.

The idea of a no deposit bonus is to create a simpler and more refined gaming experience that allows you to benefit at the same time. As a result, the simplest form of action is to actively seek out the codes, if there are any, and sign up using these codes. If no codes are located, it is safe to assume the casino will lead you to your bonus if you have not already selected it.

 ✅What Do I Need to Do to Get A No Deposit Bonus

You will need to find an online casino with a great reputation. You wouldn’t want to be signing with an unlicensed casino that could potentially be a fraudulent one. You will also need some form of identification, not to claim the bonus, but to prove who you are in the event that you wish to withdraw winnings and all requirements have been met. Some casinos require proof to prevent any nefarious activity on players’ accounts.

 ✅Are All No Deposit Bonuses Free?

Essentially, all no deposit bonuses are indeed free. But as mentioned above, there may be some limitations to withdraw any winnings resulting from this bonus. All you have to do is simply meet these requirements to fully benefit from the offer.